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PM values inspection sector’s role in corruption fight


PM values inspection sector’s role in corruption fight

PM values inspection sector’s role in corruption fight

PM values inspection sector’s role in corruption fight

Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc attends the inspection sector’s teleconference on Tuesday. — Photo

HÀ NỘI — Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc has praised the Government Inspectorate for its contributions to Party building work and the fight against corruption while addressing the inspection sector’s teleconference on Tuesday.

The sector reported that in  二0 一 六- 二0, the amount of money it found involved in corruption surged  一 三 四 per cent, the sum proposed to be recovered rose  八 三 per cent, and the recovered money shot up  五. 七 times compared to the previous five years.

PM values inspection sector’s role in corruption fight

The numbers of corruption cases and related persons transferred to investigation agencies increased by more than  五 六 per cent and  九 二 per cent, respectively.

The Government Inspectorate conducted inspections, uncovered violations, and proposed settlement of many high-profile serious economic mismanagement cases, including Mobifone’s acquisition of a  九 五-per cent stake at the AVG company, the equitisation of Quy Nhơn Port, and Phase  二 of the expansion project for the Thái Nguyên iron and steel factory.

Overlaps in inspection activities have improved considerably, the sector said, noting that local inspectorates have paid attention to post-inspection settlement.

In  二0 二0, the whole sector conducted  六, 一 九 九 administrative inspections and  一 八 一, 二 二 七 specialised inspections and examinations, finding economic violations involving almost VNĐ 八 六. 三 六 九 trillion (US$ 三. 七 billion) and  六, 三 六 六ha of land. It proposed the recovery of more than VNĐ 二 三. 八 四 trillion and  八 三0ha of land while handing over  九 七 cases with  九 九 persons involved to investigation units.

Applauding the inspection sector’s contributions, PM Phúc said the country’s major successes over the last five years, especially in  二0 二0, have helped enhance people’s trust in the Party and State, and the fight against corruption and the settlement of complaints and denunciations have gained significant outcomes.

He spoke highly of the Government Inspectorate’s sense of responsibility towards handling pressing issues in society, adding that the inspection sector’s prestige has improved.

Pointing out shortcomings, he asked the Inspectorate and the sector to build proper inspection plans to serve the implementation of political tasks in their localities, including the realisation of the  一 三th National Party Congress’s resolution and the socio-economic development plans for  二0 二 一 and the next five years.

The PM also requested more attention to sensitive areas, carrying out unannounced inspections, steering clear of overlaps in activities of different agencies’ inspectorates, and co-ordination with relevant authorities in receiving citizens to serve the  一 三th National Party Congress and the election of deputies to the  一 五th National Assembly and all-level People’s Councils.

The sector also needs to push ahead with enforcing the Law on Corruption Prevention and Control, revise the  二0 一0 Inspection Law, and build a lean, efficient, and effective apparatus, he said. — VNS


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